S&M 바이크사의 Mike Hoder 시그네쳐 BTM 페달입고

4130 크로몰리 스핀들

강화 플라스틱 나이론 섬유 혼합

15개의 주조 된 견고한 핀이 있어 그립감, 접지력  우수

넓은 표면 슬립한 디자인으로 강력한 내구성 확보
6mm렌치, 15mm, 17mm 스패너로 손쉽게 조립,분해 가능

9/16 스핀들 사이즈
무게 : 405g

Oversized CrMo spindle for strength.
Large body.
Thin design.
Accepts 6mm Allen, 15mm and 17mm wrench for installation/removal.
Wider surface also allows use of adjustable wrench.
The larger, ergonomic shape is designed for grip and support.
Micro-knurled surface and molded pins for traction.
Long lasting nylon/fiber blend sliding.

Large/Thin Nylon Body
Long Lasting Nylon/Fiber Blend
Micro-knurled Shield surface with 15 molded traction pins
Multidirectional concave shape
Oversized Heat Treated 100% CrMo axle and hardware
Shield service cap
Accepts 6mm Allen, 15 & 17mm Wrench
Weight: 14.3 oz (405 g)